About Elizabeth Dempsey

Elizabeth Dempsey Give Me Cozy Beth DempseyAs a cozy-obsessed introvert (INFP), I’m excited about helping other introverts transform their homes into warm and restorative sanctuaries, inside and out, and creating moments where we feel perfectly content to be our introverted selves.

While I’m a homebody at heart, I also love to quietly explore the world. I’m a published travel author – I wrote one of the first books about planning travel online, published back in 1997 – and am a digital marketing manager for a non-profit organization.

When I’m not encouraging you to try out ideas to cozy up your indoor and outdoor spaces or offering up ways to savor the quiet and simple things in life, you’ll find me hanging out with my fly-fisherman husband and two clever kids, being walked by our yellow lab, watching BBC gardening programs, or falling asleep with a good book.

Connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for additional inspiration. My tweets can be found at @givemecozy.

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