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Introverts creating homey happiness and quality quiet time. 

Give Me Cozy is here to help you savor life’s simple pleasures, renew and recharge, and enjoy the things you care about most — so that everyday life is special, more enjoyable and meaningful.

Elizabeth DempseyI’m Elizabeth and am so glad you’re here! I started Give Me Cozy to create a community of like-minded introverts who share a love of  life’s quiet comforts, and to help you enrich your life by fully enjoying more of them.

They’re the times we introverts savor alone, or share with our closest family and friends, when we feel all warm inside, perfectly content, and that everything is just right and as it should be.

These moments are not the spicy Sriracha sauce of life… they are more like toasty cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.

Imagine gathering with your best friends around a fire pit in the backyard, catching up with each other while stars glimmer in the summer sky. Or coming home to soul-warming soup after a long autumn walk outdoors under a canopy of yellow and orange leaves and the smell of chimney smoke in the air. Think about how nice it would be to swaddle up in a bundle of blankets with a newly purchased book, among glowing candles as snow falls gently outside. Or slipping on a well-worn sweatshirt and snuggling up with the kids to munch popcorn and watch a favorite movie. All of these are oh-so cozy. Those warm-fuzzy moments that restore us, re-energize us and really can happen whenever and wherever you choose.

It’s a quiet vibe, a joyful feeling and a nurturing attitude, that we’re calling, simply, cozy — although it is so much more.

Making the hygge connection. 

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, DenmarkWhile on a summer vacation in Copenhagen, I became enamored of Denmark’s concept of contentment called hygge (pronounced hue-gah), which recently has become phenomenally popular throughout the world. It’s both a verb and an adjective, and it’s a feeling of warmth and oneness, peace of mind, belonging, well being, and enjoying the moment. It’s unpretentious, casual and friendly. It’s about connecting to ourselves and others. It helps the Danes endure long, dark winters, but they also embrace hygge year-round.

It sounded like heaven to an introvert like me.

After returning home and inspired by hygge, I started noticing that opportunities for cozy moments are everywhere, if I would just take the time to truly be present in those moments, relax and enjoy them. I found that little cozy treats of time, like a few quiet minutes in the evening on my back porch with a blanket, a book and a mug of chai tea, make me just so darn happy.

Why wasn’t I having more of them?

Being cozy uplifts our spirits.

I’ve always needed quiet time or time alone, but I certainly never liked that fact about myself. I really was kind of ashamed of it. I never even really acknowledged that I’m an introvert. But I decided to make cozy a priority. And with that, I also made the decision to not just accept that I’m an introvert, but to enjoy the fact that I’m an introvert. And indulging in quality quiet time is what I need to do every day to be happy.

I’m now devoting myself to fully enjoying life’s cozy pleasures with other introverts, actually liking the fact that I’m an introvert, and spending each day on things I really care about. And I want to help spread this idea to other like-minded introverts, because I think we all deserve homes that are our havens, and feeling like we have a cozy glow inside of us more often.

Make your world as inviting as a favorite reading chair.

So come along with me as I explore and get inspired from our cozy musings to make more meaningful moments, comfortable surroundings and happy memories for yourself and your loved ones.

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Let’s bring more cozy into our lives — every day, inside or outdoors, any time of the year!
XO Elizabeth Dempsey