You would love to have a half-hour to yourself, to curl up in your favorite reading chair with a blanket and that book you’ve been meaning to read. Just the thought makes you happy.

But there so many other things to do – like unload the dishwasher, respond to your dinging phone, put the laundry in the dryer… and the toilet is making the trickling noise again.

You walk past your comfy chair, you see your book (or Kindle). You’re longing to take just a few minutes to immerse yourself in its chapters, but the clock ticks on and somehow you never get around to it.

How can you possibly get a few minutes in your busy day to have all to yourself?

Start setting a timer.

Make that two timers.

1. Set a “Get Stuff Done” Timer

Set your timer for 30 minutes. Then do stuff around the house for 30 minutes. But when that timer goes off, you have to sit down in your cozy place. This way, you don’t feel as guilty taking the time for yourself.

2. Set a “Cozy Relaxation Time” Timer

Then set your timer again for another 30 minutes. This is your dedicated pure cozy contentment time. Let go of any guilt, because you just ran around like crazy getting making a good dent in your to-do list. Great job! You now deserve this break. Try to be fully present for these 30 minutes.

Use a Kitchen Timer

Use a timer from your kitchen, so that cute little egg or chicken timer moves from the back of the kitchen drawer to the table next to your reading chair. Or use the timer on your microwave if you can hear it go off in the kitchen from wherever you plan to be.

Don’t use the timer on your phone. Having your phone near you just leads to the temptation to answer a call or take a peek at it whenever it makes a noise. It’s just a distraction that can easily take away from what you intended to do with this special but short piece of time.


1. Set up timer for 30 minutes to get stuff done.
2. When the timer goes off, settle down in your special place and set the timer again for another 30 to enjoy you time.


Setting two timers really helps in the battle for niching out a special time for yourself. It’s feels kind of weird at first, but once you start doing it, it gets easier – and life gets a little sweeter.

What ideas do you have for making sure you get some cozy time to yourself?