It’s good to be home. It’s where we introverts retreat from the loud and hectic world, and can be our true selves. Often others mistakenly think we spend a lot of time at home to hide from the world. But that’s not accurate. We like being at home just because we naturally enjoy it.

Give Me Cozy introverts home

Introverts at Home

Our homes can be our own personal sanctuaries that sustain us, especially when tailored to our tastes and favorite hobbies. How we create and decorate our private spaces can nourish our hearts and minds, and cater to our individual passions. You can create a soothing atmosphere to that encourages meditative contemplation, or go for a more uplifting environment that energizes the spirit.  And you can create cozy resting places that help foster recuperation from outside stresses.

For introverts, home is a very special private place, where we can enjoy some peace and solitude, and the creature comforts we love so much. Here are 20 favorite reasons why home is the ultimate comfort zone for introverts.

  1. The peace and quiet. And not having to talk if you don’t feel like it.
  2. It’s personal.  It’s not about them. It’s about you.
  3. The sweet retreat. Sigh. Relief from the stresses of daily life.
  4. There’s no judging. You can let your hair down and be yourself.
  5. It’s our place to dream.  Daydreams and sleep. Glorious sleep.
  6. Our routines and rituals. To-dos that you really want to do.
  7. It’s where comfort is key. Oh, how we adore our super comfy, cozy spaces.
  8. Our loved ones: Sharing our homes with those we have real relationships with.
  9. Our beloved pets. They fill our homes with joy and love.
  10. It’s a place to pamper. Finding a bit of you-time, to spend on you.
  11. There’s no pressure. It’s where we can decompress.
  12. The homey smells. Of home cooking and favorite candles.
  13. The freedom. Doing what ever you choose to do.
  14. Our treasures. Surrounding ourselves with our favorite things.
  15. It’s our docking station. Where we recharge our energy.
  16. Dressing down. Sweat shirts, stretchy pants and pajamas.
  17. No small talk. It’s where we have meaningful conversations.
  18. The solitude. We just want to be alone sometimes.
  19. It allows for total absorption.  We can indulge in our hobbies and passions.
  20. Being present. Simply enjoying the place we cherish most, with those we cherish most.

At home, we can do what’s most meaningful to us. We love to retreat from the daily grind and are often inclined to stay home, but we also enjoy sharing life experiences there with those we most care about. Quite simply, we introverts feel an inner peace at our favorite place.