Some people think that being an introvert means not liking to socialize. That’s not true – introverts can sometimes feel over-stimulated and anxious in certain social situations, but we still deeply value time with friends.

For most introverts, quiet activities are more enjoyable than loud, busy ones. And time spent with just one or two close friends rather than a large group is usually ideal. As this great article on Introvert, Dear discusses, introverts tend to value quality over quantity in their friendships. More intimate socialization that allows for relaxed bonding, rather than fast-paced activity and lots of small-talk, is an introvert’s go-to.

So whether you’re an introvert or friends with one, let this list of social activities for introverts inspire you to spend some quality time with your best friends.

Give Back Together

Do you and your friend care about a similar cause? You can bond and give back together by spending some time volunteering. There are so many different ways to volunteer that fit different interests and passions. Adore animals? Try walking dogs or brushing cats at a local animal shelter. Want to help kids? How about volunteering to feed hungry children or spending a day at a book bank? From shelving food pantries to knitting blankets for hospice patients, there are countless ways to give back to the community while spending time together. Check out to help discover opportunities you both will enjoy.

Two women in a green field stand arm in arm while holding their fingers up in peace signs.

Take a Hike

In any season, there’s nothing quite as restorative as a leisurely walk through a beautiful area. Check out what’s available near you: a tree-lined neighborhood, botanical garden, manicured park, or ocean-side boardwalk? If you and your friend are outdoorsy, you might go for a hike together. Find trails near you using TrailLink from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Any kind of walk will give you plenty to look at as you enjoy each other’s company.

Mull Over a Museum

If history, science or art appeals to you, try visiting a local museum with your best friend or a small group. Walking around to look at a special exhibit takes the pressure off of having to come up with topics of conversation and gives you something interesting to reflect on. You don’t have to travel to major cosmopolitan centers to learn about interesting and intellectual topics, either. Many local libraries and universities have cultural and educational lectures and presentations. Check out their websites for upcoming events that are open to the public.

Share A Show

Have a weekly night in! Choose a television network or Netflix series you both love or want to get into, and make it your special show to watch together every week. Alternate homes to hunker down in to get your weekly fix, and each of you can contribute a snack to nosh on while you watch. TV nights are great  activities for introverts because you bond with your bestie while relaxing at home!

Mellow Out with Music

For many introverts, music truly resonates with their inclination for reflection. So going to a small concert venue together can be a great way to bond with introvert friends. While a club or music festival may feel overwhelming,  attending an acoustic set at a coffee shop, an intimate jazz performance, a local symphony or a holiday choral concert may be just the right tune.

Cook Up a Storm

Hosting a dinner party may not be the most enjoyable social activity for a lot of introverts, but taking some time to cook together can be a lot of fun. There’s not the same kind of pressure to perform as a host, and you can cook easily with one or two other people. So whether you’re more into cooking or baking, pick out a new recipe to try and work on cooking together. The best part is you’ll have something tasty at the end. And if the recipe goes poorly, you can always order a pizza!

Grow Together

Love gardening? How about helping out together at a community garden? Even if you don’t have a greenest thumb on the block, gardening can be so rewarding. If one of you has a home, you can transform your outdoor space with flower beds or a vegetable garden. And getting together with your friend will make creating your garden much easier. If you’re in an apartment, that doesn’t mean you can’t garden! Try out a container herb garden or a very-trendy succulent terrarium. These projects give you the added benefit of making something that will bring life and beauty to your home.

Bond Over Board Games

If you enjoy strategy and competition, you might love hosting game nights with your closest friends. Board games options today go way beyond Monopoly and Scrabble. Whether you want to blow up some kittensget a Clue, or settle Catan, there’s a game for everyone. Introverts should look for games designed for a small group, such as 2-4 players. You can try visiting a local game store, where you may be able to try out games for free, or browse a site like to look for new games to try.

Hit the Road

Nothing says bonding quite like a road trip — that’s why they are great activities for introverts. If you love to drive and to see new places, a road trip may be your ideal social outing. The biggest thing that tends to stop us from taking trips is time, but you don’t necessarily need whole weeks to take a road trip. Instead, try taking a weekend or a day to visit somewhere a couple of hours away. Listening to music, stopping for food, checking out the sights out the window — the journey together is just as important as the destination. Or be tourists in your own town by visiting an attraction you’ve been meaning to get to.

Work Out with Each Other

Into fitness? Or trying to get into fitness? Introverts can make great workout buddies. A workout class might feel awkward, but working out with a friend can be a great boost to accountability. So try swimming, jogging, biking or take some tennis or golf  lessons together. Or simply follow some YouTube workout videos together. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could try pickle ball, racquetball, or indoor rock climbing. You’ll definitely bond as you challenge yourself, encourage each other, and sweat together!

Catch Up Over Coffee

Never underestimate the power of some simple time to sit and talk. Head to your favorite local coffee shop or simply get together at home with some coffee, tea, or a class of wine for some calm conversation. Everyone needs some time to share their feelings, vent frustrations, and share their happiness.

What are your favorite quiet activities to do with your best friends?